実践ビジネス英語 2016年9月 The Writers’ Workshop



「生活費を稼ぐ」を慣用句の "bring home the bacon" にしましたが、後ろに breadwinner(大黒柱)が来るので食べ物ばかりでしつこかったかもしれません。earn a living の方がスッキリするでしょうか。。 "I would bring home the bacon..." の would に、Yuta-san が理想の結婚生活を思い描く様を込めました。


DMM 英会話の先生に聞いて少し修正しました。英語らしくするには、1つのセンテンスをもう少し長くした方がいいということで、日本語でぶつ切りだった文をカンマで繋ぎました。あといくつか言い回しを修正。

DMM 英会話の先生は日本語が話せない方がほとんどなので、英語として意味が取れるかを聞くにはよいですね。勉強になります。

Lifelong singles

Ten thousand yen a month for a sport gym, three cans of alcohol every day such as shochu soda or happoshu(low-malt beer-like beverage). Yuta-san, who is 39 years old and lives in Kanagawa prefecture, treats himself with them a bit.

Speaking of 39 years old, 60% of people in this age are married. However, Yuta-san does not have a partner, not to mention, he is not married. He says "I would bring home the bacon as a breadwinner, and my wife would save our home as a homemaker. It's my ideal marriage. And I definitely want my children too. But I think it's impossible, as long as I stay at the current job."

His annual income is 2.8 million yen. He has been working as a caregiver since graduation of a vocational college, and now he is a veteran. His workplaces have changed for multiple times every a few years. "We caregivers can hardly get raised even if we're in the same workplace for a long time." As a result, several times of job changing did not help him raise his salary a lot. His current workplace does not offer him a bonus or retirement allowance, so he thinks it's time to quit again.