実践ビジネス英語 2016年10月 The Writers’ Workshop


文章自体はとても素直なものでしたが、どこかもの悲しげです。「カネと名声に寄生する、恋人や父親。」といったような体言止めの余韻、「同情できない。共感できない。」といった繰り返しで強調されるメッセージの強さが随所にありました。日本語自体は平易なので英語も平易なものを使うようにしましたが、"come apart" でボロボロ崩れるようなニュアンスがあるようで、Amy Warehouse 氏の心が壊れていく様が平易な英熟語にしたことで動きが感じられるような気がして、訳していてすごく悲しい気持ちになりました。

ジャズは全く知識がないので、これを機に Amy Winehouse, Ella Jane Fitzgerald などの歌を聴きながら取り組みました。7月号は翻訳をテーマにした題材でしたが、いろいろな世界を知れるのも翻訳の面白さだと書いてあって、その通りだと感じます。


今月も DMM 英会話の先生に見てもらいました。いくつか単語を直してもらいましたが文法は完璧だと言ってもらえました。


There is a movie we can neither take our eyes away from, nor continue watching. It is the documentary that depicts the whole life of Amy Winehouse.

She was a talented jazz singer and promised for success in the future, but she deceased at the age of 27 due to taking excessive amount of drugs and alcohol. People said that "She is nearly as good a singer as Ella Jane Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday". It was not an exaggeration at all.

She got renowned for the big hit of "Rehab", but that was ironically the beginning of her tragedy. Singing in front of hundreds of thousands of people, acquiring tremendous wealth and being stalked even during private time. Although some celebrities can enjoy such freaks, Amy was just a genuine jazz singer who had nothing but music talent. Another tragedy was that her nearest people had hopelessly bad influence on her: her boyfriends and her father, who lived of her wealth and fame...

Under the pressure of the success, she gradually started addicting herself to drugs and alcohol. The way she was coming apart was so weak and foolish that we couldn't feel sympathy or compassion with such a woman.

Generally it is right. However, what do you think if the charm of her songs derives deeply from the human foolishness? What do you think if her songs come from the experience of looking into the bottom of the human weakness?