実践ビジネス英語 2017年8月 The Writers’ Workshop


固有名詞が多くてやや億劫でしたが挑戦してみました。蜂に刺されるは “be stung by a bee”, 泥酔するは “be wasted” など使いやすいフレーズを覚えられました。

Alexander the Great was killed by a medical malpractice!?

Although there appeared a lot of strong governors, ones called “the Great” were only Kamehameha and Alexander.

Alexander became a king in Macedonia when he was twenty. At that time, Macedonia was a small country located in the northern part of Greece, but it became a large empire by expanding its territory to Persian, Egypt and a part of India in so called “The Great Expedition to the East”. However, Alexander the Great, who led the united army of Greece and Macedonia, suddenly died in 323 B.C. in Babylon at the age of 34.

Then why did Alexander the Great die?

According to the record, he was stung by a bee and fell down during the banquet in that evening, and died from prostration of high fever just 10 days later.

However, it’s difficult to specify the cause of his death with this information. At that night, the king drank even six littles of wine. He got wasted, suffered from high fever next day and gradually he was unable even to sit up.