実践ビジネス英語 2018年1月 The Writers’ Workshop



European towns, Sceneries with trams running, Toulouse in France -

I spent an impressive day with the deep blue sky like a fresco painting. In the town, women with a sleeveless shirt expose their beautifully suntanned skins, and wear shades to resist the burning sunlight.

While the tram goes away from the town to the suburb, it becomes less crowded. The scenery also changes from the downtown to an organized living area with relatively new detached houses and housing developments. It was already past eight in the evening and the sun started setting in, but it was not at twilight yet. I thought most of the citizens had finished dinner and I couldn't see anybody outside in the streets. The tram was passing silently through a sunny courtyard of a housing development, and I found nobody there. Suddenly I caught an unrealistic feeling that everybody in the world had disappeared all of a sudden.