実践ビジネス英語 2016年8月 The Writers’ Workshop


8月号の題材は時事解説文章でした。しばらく The Writers' Workshop に取り組んでいますが、時事問題については初めてな気がします。固めの文章なので動詞も適切なものを選ぶようにしましたが、exploit, expose が頻出してしまいました。expose は disclose や unveil と取り変えられるかなと思いつつ、ニュアンスがどう違うのかが分かりません。解答を見て語彙を増やそうと思います。

粉飾決済は window-dressing と言うそうですね。和訳していると単語の勉強にもなって良いです。

The Panama Papers are shaking the whole world. It exposed the suspicion that renowned people and major companies around the world concealed their asset and escaped from the imposition of taxes.

Some countries and areas impose no tax, or their tax rate is extremely low. They are called tax havens.

The Panama Papers have disclosed the names of politicians exploiting tax havens and made them answerable for political ethics. Gunnlangsson, who has already resigned the premier of Iceland, and Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom have admitted that they had exploited it through their relatives, etc. China's president Xi Jinping and Russia's president Putin are also being accused.

It is not illegal itself to manage asset and deal with finance through tax havens. However, OECD calculated that an amount of corporate tax that is lost by exploiting tax havens would be at least $240 billions a year, if it is paid appropriately. This amount is as much as one tenth of the corporate tax all over the world.

Corporate information of tax havens is hardly open to public, so tax bureaus cannot easily investigate it. This raises criticism that tax havens are exploited for tax evasion, window–dressing, money laundering and fund pool for terrorism, and it has been a big problem to strengthen the restriction.