実践ビジネス英語 2017年11月 The Writers’ Workshop


昔話と言えど、元の文章が平易だったので訳しづらい箇所はあまりなかったです。前半が少し情緒的な描写になっていましたが、"a shaft of light appeared" で「明かりが漏れる」などとしてみました。

「たしなめる」という日本語が出てきたところで役に困りました。scold だと意味が強すぎるし、reprimand や admonish では固いし意味も強いし… 一番固くなさそうな "reproach" という単語が良さそうでしたが、 少し文を入れ替えて "To see his indifferent attitude, she said firmly:" としてと文自体を柔らかくしてみました。

In the early morning, a shaft of light appeared in a small house located in the fringe of a mountain. It seemed that a mother living there started making breakfast. The sound of cutting vegetables echoed and the smell of miso soup drifted around the house. The mother and her five sons lived together. She worked so hard to do a lot of tasks outside from the early morning to the evening.

Before leaving, she said to her sons: "Don't open the door while I'm out when a stranger visits." "Alright, I get it." the oldest son answered her everyday favor a bit reluctantly. To see his indifferent attitude, she said firmly: "Are you really sure? When it gets dark, the horrible old woman wanders around here. You must be really careful, and you know, you should take care of the other sons."