実践ビジネス英語 2016年7月 The Writers’ Workshop


音楽雑誌「ユリイカ」が題材だと日本語の文章がとても情緒的な分、英訳しづらいです。久しぶりに取り組みたくない文章でしたがw なるべく続けていきたいので適当でもいいかと思って訳してみました。

Let's think about tiny happiness of people who work as a translator. They, especially on literature, seem to be in such a lucky place to have an privilege. They can stand by a writer most closely aside, behind or whatever. They look as if they were a couple or two siblings alone. If a translator spends all his or her time on the work for years, they as good as take each other for better or for worse. They are doing a three-legged race, well, more than that! They are one person together and the person plays two roles.

During this time, the translator can undergo funny "metamorphosis". It's a reward that sustains the work which doesn't pay off considering its hardship. For myself, I translated some novels of the writer of "The Metamorphosis" . In those days, there were a lot of scenes of Kafka: he was writing smoothly, agonizing, pondering with his pen down on his desk... On every scene, I stood by, witnessed and even became Kafka himself.

If I was asked for my name during the work at that time, I would possibly answer in a whisper, "I am Franz Kafka".