実践ビジネス英語 2017年9月 The Writers’ Workshop


日本の歴史についてだったので「美人喫茶」という単語をそのまま bijin kissa としてみました。

Towns in the Edo period also had cafeterias similar to “bijin kissa” (a cafeteria where beautiful women serve tea to customers). A bijin kissa in the Showa period could not be looked inside only when we entered it, but Edo’s bijin kissa was so open that passengers could looked inside through the most beautiful girl in the cafeteria (called Kanban musume in Japanese) sitting in front of it. There were some types of bijin kissa: A simple one where the owner’s daughter was so beautiful that she played a Kanban musume role, and an active one where the owner hired beaitiful women as employees and tried to attract customers who were eager to Bijin kissas.

An active one opened in a place where a lot of people gathered such as inside a temple. A bijin kissa had just beautiful women, but it sold well for the investment, there opened a lot of active bijin kissas in such as Ryogoku, Asakusa, Uenosanka due to the sensitivity for a trend in the Edo period.