実践ビジネス英語 2017年7月 The Writers’ Workshop

7月は音楽解説で、ボブ・ディランのライブの話です。ライブという単語は、英語では concert がよいようですね。

The first concert in my life was Bob Dylan’s. I was just seven years old at that time, but I was really excited when my dad took me to the live music club in Detroit. Then the concert began, but I got immediately confused. I couldn’t get what songs whey were, even though I must have known them because the lyrics are the same! Dylan was famous for drastic arrangements in concerts, which was a too early lesson for a seven-year-old child. Among such arrangements, the only song I could figure out immediately at that night was “Maggie’s Farm”. It was possibly because some part of the song reminded me, the arrangement was similar to the original, or I felt sympathy for that unique and unsophisticated song… I am still attached to it.