実践ビジネス英語 2016年1月 The Writers’ Workshop


口語調なのでくだけた表現が多いです。例えば「自分が小人になっちゃったような感じがしました。」という台詞の「なっちゃった」という部分、女性的というか子供っぽいというか、かなりくだけた表現ですよね。日本語だと元々は「なる」+「しまう」(完了)+「た」(過去)の「なってしまった」がくだけて「なっちゃった」という言葉の成り立ちのようです。訳としては、"dwarf" に面白さを込めて "I felt as if I had become a dwarf." としました。


Interviewer: "Yuriika" is not a magazine that's specialized in music, so I'd like to interview you about your cultural background besides music, which cannot be usually known in other media, and of course about your work over 20 years largely from your childhood.

Ms. Kajiura, I heard your father, who worked for a trading company, loved operas, and you accompanied him on the piano. What else do you remember as a formative experience?

Ms. Kajiura: Soon after I went to the 2nd grade in the elementary school, my family moved to Germany. When we arrived at the airport there, my father came, who had been there a bit earlier than us. The scenery of Germany appeared in my eyes as if the world suddenly got 1.5 times wider. The cars and people were big, the roads were wide, the buildings were large, the doors were tall and even the scale of trees around there were different! I remember clearly such an atmosphere. It was completely different from Japanese one. The atmosphere and appearance... anyway everything was really big! I felt as if I had become a dwarf.

Interviewer: You were short then, so they looked much bigger for you, didn't they?

Ms. Kajiura: Right. You know, my father did love the country Germany anyway. He could never wait to go to Germany so much that he chose a company that had a German branch and let him study there.