実践ビジネス英語 2015年6月 The Writers' Workshop

実践ビジネス英語 6月号です。


「桜のつぼみが春を忘れること無く、ほんのわずかですが膨らんできました」、「木漏れ日が夜露に濡れた草葉を射し、キラキラと輝く様は…」、「ペダルを漕いで風を切って」 etc... こんな綺麗な日本語の文章を英語にしたらどうなるか、回答例が楽しみです。

I noticed the sunset time was gradually getting late these days and buds of cherry blossums have grown a little without forgetting a spring season after they put up with this winter's cold. March is a season to say good bye in Japan and I feel sadness then somehow, although I understand a new Japanese fiscal year starts when cherry blossoms flourish.

On the other hand, March is right in the middle of winter in France. Clothes for warding off cold such as a thick coat, a muffler, gloves and a hat are needed even when we can sometimes see patches of blue sky with comparison to February when it's likely to be cloudy.

I tended to stay home during studying abroad because I had never experienced such a cold in Japan, but one day one of my friends asked me for cycling outside in the forest of Bloulogne, bois de Boulogne. I could apply for a rental bicycle immediately on site. Then I pushed pedals and ran through the vast forest which I could not believe was located in Paris.

Sunlight filtered by trees shed leaves which were got wet with the evening dew and shining with the sunlight, which were so beautiful that I came to imagine an early summer and I got exhilarated.

The forest of Bloulogne has also a park called Acclimatation Park, jardin d'acclimatation. The park is so formidable because small locomotives run across the site!

If you want to experience the way Parisiens play weekend's activities, I do recommend you to use the forest of Bloulogne.