実践ビジネス英語 2015年5月 The Writers' Workshop

実践ビジネス英語 5月号です。4月号は随筆感が強かったのですが、今月はイギリスのバンプトンという村の紹介という感じ。

元の日本語の文章が、「この村」とか「このバンプトンで」など、さも現地にいるかのような書きぶりなのですが、全部 this や here にすると違和感があったので、途中途中で there を使いました。

日本語だと自然な文章の繋がりも、接続詞を使って繋げると Because ばかりになってしまいがちでした。。必ずしも理由ではないけど、関連性はあるような文章をどうやったらそれらしく繋がるかと思い、文頭に副詞を置いたらそれらしくなることに気がつきました。Actually を置いた文がそれです。

Downton's fans would feel familiar with the scenery of Bampton even if they visit here for the first time, because many scenes of the dramas are filmed here in Bampton. Bampton was not known better than other sightseeing spots in Cotswolds before the dramas Downton Abbey were filmed there. Thanks to the dramas, there are now tours departing from London and Oxford to this small village of about 2,500 people and now travellers around the world can visit there.

There locates St.Mary's Church at the center of this town, which has a long history from the 12th century. This church often appears in the dramas. The oldest sister Mary's wedding and its family's funeral were filmed there.

Although most of the buildings were built during the 17th and the 18th century, Bampton is one of the oldest villages in British as there exists a 400-year-old house. Many people call this village a "town" and Bampton has both of a village hole and a town hole. Actually it has thrived as a market town of salt and wool trade.

I feel as if I went back to a few hundreds ago while walking in this town. Even when the dramas are not being filmed, I feel as if I were in a movie.

The building of Bampton Library is used as Downton Hospital in the dramas. Its old library has Downton Abbey's souveniors and photographs in it. Local people voluntarily guide and tell visitors a lot of things every day.