実践ビジネス英語 2017年6月 The Writers’ Workshop



Mozart’s music is so miracle. For example, cows produce more milk when they hear it, wine becomes mellow when it is played in a wine cellar, and as a way of psychotherapy, his music is used in almost every hospital and works pretty fine. It lifts us up when we are in love, and it relieves our pain when we lose an important person. Beginners of classic music often start with his music and easily understand it, but most of players and scholars who have spent their lives with music finally choose his works. Eine kleine Nachtmusik and Requiem would echo today around the world.

More than two hundred years have passed since Mozart was born. The genius in the heaven would tell us not to get excited about such a thing and smile with an ironic look above the clouds. As human history lasts, his music continues existing. People who were cold to him while he was alive, now have admitted the value of his works. His talent was too state-of-the-art at that time, but now may enjoy the most affluent times.

Classic music is often shunned because people think it is difficult, corny, or formal… but it is just a prejudice. Mozart’s music doesn’t have such barriers.