実践ビジネス英語 2017年5月 The Writers’ Workshop


重力の歴史のような話で、昔の話が多く「そもそも」「はじめから」などの単語が多かったです。「そもそも」は “in the first place” と訳せるようですが、日本語と同じ文頭だと収まりが悪いなぁと位置を変えたり・・・ そもそも(笑)ニュアンスが同じかどうかも分からないので解答を確認しようと思います。

When did humans notice the mystery of gravity, and regarded it as an object of scientific research in the first place? It is said that “gravity was found by Newton when he saw an apple falling from a tree”, but it is not the fact. From long ago, humans have been holding a mysterious question why an object fell to a ground, and tried to find the reason.

However, we didn’t think from the beginning that some “power” was there. Aristotle, a philosopher in the ancient Greece, thought an object itself has a property to go back to its original place. As a bird leaving for food returns to its nest, a stone thrown up returns to the original place of the ground.