実践ビジネス英語 2017年4月 The Writers’ Workshop


4月は科学解説ということで、astronomer(天文学者)、universer などの単語が出てきました。astronomer は宇宙飛行士の astronaut と似てますね。

In 1912, Slipher, an astronomer in the US, found some galaxies were moving away from the earth. People didn’t understand what it meant at that time, but later, it was found that every single galaxy in every direction was moving away from the earth. In addition, it was observed that the farer a galaxy was, the faster it was moving away; which means obviously, the universe is expanding. Lemaître, a Belgian astronomer proposed this theory in 1927, and Hubble, an American astronomer also proposed the same one in 1929.

In the American movie “Annie Hall” directed by Woody Allen in 1977, a boy of the main character, Alvy, seemed to have read a book of the Hubble’s theory. Alvy got strongly reluctant because of depression, and said “The universe, actually everything is expanding! Everything will be scattered and terminated. It makes no sense to do homework…”

His mother heard it and cried “What does the universe matter!? You live in Brooklyn, it is never swelling!”

His feeling of “My mon doesn’t understand it at all…” appeared on his face, but he said nothing.