実践ビジネス英語 2016年12月 The Writers’ Workshop




歴史の闇に葬られた国産飛行機「ニッポン号」に関する謎の写真を見つけた新聞記者の翔子は、カンザス州アチソンを訪ねる。この辺鄙な町で生まれ、世界へと羽ばたいていったある女性パイロットの軌跡をたどるために。 1939年、史上初めて世界一周飛行を果たしたニッポン号には信じ難い真実が秘められていた――。

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Amazon のレビューを見ると、読み終えて放心してしまうほどの感動というか、そういうレビューが多くて読んでみたくなります。年末年始に読んでみようかな…


これが英語だと過去形は過去形で変わらず、過去に思った未来のことは would を使ったりするんですが、助詞の使い方一つで文章がグッと引き締まるのが英語の面白さだと感じます。

The long, straight road was like an airport runway.

Shoko Aoyama was seeing a reddish-brown vast field in the both sides of the road, with thinking how long this road would continue. She kept pressing on the accelerator and even didn't remember if she turned the wheel, since she left Kansas City's airport by renting a car. The speedometer had been indicating 80 miles an hour. While driving on such an endless road, she felt a strange feeling of floating that she would soon begin to fly in the sky.

It was such a clear and sunny day that she could find the sky so blue even through shades. Shoko was extremely worried about not being able to find any cars passing, but she felt a relief after finding a goods train running on a railroad parallel to her. The train was long; it was running with carrying much over 30 goods cars. Such a train can only run on an area without sharp curves like here.

As she was coming to the junction of Route 59 and Route 45, she carefully turned the wheel. She would soon enter the center of Acheson after 5 miles or so.

She crossed a river on a big bridge, and saw a chimney of a plant over the river which stood giving out gray smoke into the crisp winter sky.