DMM Eikaiwa:Advanced Lesson 15 "Cameras"

I used an advanced lesson material for discussing today, and that was about cameras. It has some questions and here are my answers to them. I'll show them to my teacher in the next lesson.

1. Do you have a camera?

Yes, I have two cameras. The one is a distial single-lens reflex camera, and the other is a point-and-shoot digital camera.

2. How often and what for do you use a camera?

I used to take photos as one of my hobbies, but recently I use a camera only when traveling.

3. What is your favorite camera?

I like Canon's cameras, because my father gave me one when I was 15.

4. Do you like taking photographs using a digital camera or film camera?

I like both. I think photographs of a film camera have more sensitiveness than ones of a digital camera. However, I seldom use a film camera recently because using a disital camera is by far easier.

5. Can you imagine your life without a camera?

I cannot, but I imagine such a life would be also wonderful. People who lived in such time would draw pictures to tell the scenary they see to the others, or make a poem to express what they feel at that moment. I guess the people would listen to the others more carefully than today to know what they feel.

6. What do you think about selfies?

I'm not sure, I think it's okay as long as it is used safely.

7. How have cameras changed the world? Do you think the discovery of the camera has improved our lives?

Definitely. We can deliver information much more precisely with cameras. Just a picture can tell us what was happening then and there.

8. Has anyone ever encroached on your privacy using a camera? How often do you let others take photographs of you?

I have never been encroached, but I am sometimes taken photographs of and they are uploaded on the web, like Twitter.

9. The surveillance camera plays a significant role in preventing crimes. But, it can also be seen as an invasion of privacy. What is your opinion about it?

I think the benefit of preventing crimes is important. I heard that some people say installing surveillance cameras on a public street can invade our privacy, but usually the movie of the cameras are strictly restricted to priviledged persons, so they are relatively safe, I think.

10. Do you think photographs can deceive people? Elaborate.

Disguising photographs is not easy, but skilled people can do that with an image processing software (like PhotoShop). It is what some mean mass media sometimes does to make a fuss over celebrities.