実践ビジネス英語 2016年5月 The Writers’ Workshop


日本語を訳す時、which の継続用法が便利で多用してしまう癖があることに気がつきました。時間の流れが表せて便利なのですが、使い過ぎな気もしていて… 回答と見比べて、より自然な訳になるようにしたいです。

Everyone would think Italians as bright Latin people who eat pasta, take some wine and talk a lot with full of gestures.

In fact, when we walk in towns in Italy, we can see them chat cheerfully and some people come to talk to us travelers with friendly smile (actually, some of them are merchants), which makes us realize that Italian people are cheerful and talkative.

However, when we say "Italian people", it covers a lot. Some of them are reticent and others are thoughtful.

The land of Italy is 75% of that of Japan, which is composed of a boot-shaped peninsula thrusting from the European continent into Mediterranean Sea, and some islands.

The peninsula of Italy has 1,300 kilometers from north to south, which causes differences between the north and the south in the climate, the geography and their personalities. Economic disparity is also big and has been a pain in the neck in Italy.