実践ビジネス英語 2016年4月 The Writers’ Workshop


「若い夫婦が、おそろいの帽子に…自動車よりも楽しそうに見えます」という文章が非常に長く、and がいくつあっても足らなそうだったので、Imagine ... で始めて、最後に問いかける形にしてみました。

Countrysides in Paris are very beautiful. The color of green there is so vivid.

Every farmhouse, even if it's small, has flower pots with red flowers beside windows and rambling roses creep their walls.

It's like a fairyland. Many people from Paris rush to such a bright countryside by car, bicycle and motorcycle on Saturday and Sunday. Because most of them live in an apartment and they cannot see the sun, when husbands leave for work, wives hurriedly do the things, prepare something like a buggy, woolen yarn, cloths for knitting and some books and then go out to a nearby park.

They bask in the sunshine in the afternoon until the early evening, with letting their children play outside there.

A car is so expensive, but motorcycle is easy to acquire. Imagine a young couple drives speedily on a countryside's road by a motorcycle, with wearing matching hats, sweaters and short pants. The husband holds the handgrips tightly and the wife sits behind him with acting big. Don't you think it's much more fun than by a car?

Because most Parisians think transportation expenses seriously, they usually have a bicycle.